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Indigenous women and WECAN vs. Credit Suisse

Descripción del caso

Fecha archivada 30 January 2020
Estado actual Presentado
Asunto Credit Suisse contribution to harms at DAPL
Resumen del caso On 30 January 2020, indigenous women in the United States and WECAN filed an OECD Guidelines complaint against Credit Suisse for contributing to adverse impacts to Indigenous peoples and the environment through continued corporate finance to firms that built the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP). The complaint highlights the violation of indigenous people's right to give free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) as well as Credit Suisse's continued financing of fossil fuels driving the climate crisis. The complaint highlights Credit Suisse's breaches of the OECd Guidelines on General Policies (disclosure and stakeholder consultation), Human Rights, and the Environment. This case follows on a recent related case filed against Credit Suisse by the Swiss-based the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP), also regarding the bank's involvement in financing DAPL. That case concluded in 2019 and led to Credit Suisse incorporating the protection of Indigenous communities’ rights into its internal guidelines on project financing. This case, however, specifically addresses the bank's contribution to harm through its corporate lending, not project financing.
Principes directeurs de l’OCDE relacionados
Palabras claves del caso El desalojo y reasentamiento forzoso, Los derechos humanos, Medio Ambiente, Sector financiero, Nexo de inversión

Información PNC

Nombre PNC National Contact Point United States of America
Dirección PNC Washington, DC, United States
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Información de la empresa

Empresa responsable Credit Suisse
Dirección de la empresa
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Empresa en violación
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Cronología del desarollo

Fecha Actor Acción Descripción Documento
30 January 2020 Indigenous women in the U.S. presentar Complaint filed at U.S. NCP  
30 January 2020 Women's Earth & Climate Action Network, International (WECAN) WECAN issues press release at filing of complaint descarga el pdf (409Kb)  

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