Guideline: Chapter I

Description Concepts and Principles

6 cases relating to 'Chapter I':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Former employee vs. Banro Corporation Banro’s non-observance of Guidelines at the Twangiza Mine 24 December 2018 Rejected
ADIMED vs. Pharmakina S.A. Pharmakina human and labour rights harms in DRC civil war 16 May 2018 Rejected
Obelle Concern Citizens & FOCONE vs Shell Shell’s gas-fire eruption’s impacts to Obelle community 29 January 2018 Concluded
Trade Unions vs. Suzuki Motor Corporation Violations of trade union rights in Thailand 10 May 2016 Concluded
Former employees vs Banro in the DRC Severance pay for ex-mining workers in DRC 26 February 2016 Concluded
Miningwatch Canada et al vs Centerra Gold Centerra Gold's HR & environmental violations in Mongolia 15 March 2012 Rejected

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