Guideline: Chapter VI

Description Environment

10 cases relating to 'Chapter VI':

Title Issue Date filed Status
LSD et al. vs. Tosyali Holding Ltd Tosyali Holding coal plant threatens Senegalese fisher women 28 August 2020 Filed
ClientEarth vs BP BP's misleading fossil fuel advertising campaigns 5 December 2019 Rejected
Focus vs. Ascent Resources plc Ascent Resources fracking in Slovenia 12 November 2019 Filed
West Virginians for Sustainable Development v Rockwool Rockwool building mineral wool factory in West Virginia 21 October 2019 Pending
Obelle Concern Citizens & FOCONE vs Shell Shell’s gas-fire eruption’s impacts to Obelle community 29 January 2018 Concluded
Hou Friesland mooi vs NUON Community concerns with construction of wind park by NUON 14 December 2017 Agreement
Save Teghut Civic Initiative et al vs. EKF EKF harms from Teghut mine in Armenia 19 September 2017 Rejected
Society for Threatened Peoples vs. Credit Suisse Risks associated with North Dakota Access Pipeline in USA 24 April 2017 Agreement
Southeast Alaskan Conservation Council vs Imperial Metals Imperial Metals mining operations in Canada 23 December 2016 Filed
Amadiba Crisis Committee vs. MRC Ltd. Human rights violations by mining agents. Amadiba, S. Africa 1 February 2013 Rejected

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