Guideline: Chapter VI Paragraph 6

Description Continually seek to improve corporate environmental performance, at the level of the enterprise and, where appropriate, of its supply chain, by encouraging such activities as:

8 cases relating to 'Chapter VI Paragraph 6':

Title Issue Date filed Status
NGIL Action Council and Jananeethi vs. Nitta Gelatin, NGIL Nitta Gelatin and NGIL harm health, polute river in Kerala 22 December 2020 Filed
CAVT and CRV vs. SOMDIAA Environmental and human impacts of SOMDIAA in Cameroon from 12 November 2020 Filed
Australian bush fire victims and FoE Australia vs. ANZ Bank ANZ's climate impacts breach Enviro, Discl., Cons. Prot. 30 January 2020 Pending
Aminigboko Community of Abua/Odual L.G.A. vs. SPDC/Shell Shell's violation of guidelines in Aminigboko Community 16 May 2019 Filed
Frank Bold vs. Grupa OLX sp. z o.o. Allowing advertising of products likely used contrary to law 9 April 2018 Agreement
Dutch NGOs vs. ING Bank ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change 8 May 2017 Agreement
Paracuta vs. Kinross Gold Corporation 1 Human rights violations of Kinross Gold Corp. in Brazil 18 June 2013 Agreement
Siemenpuu et al vs Pöyry Group Pöyry Group's controversial advice on Xayaburi Dam in Laos 11 June 2012 Concluded

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