Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter IV Paragraph IV.2 Subparagraph IV.2.B

Description Enterprises should provide information to employee representatives which is needed for meaningful negotiations on conditions of employment.

5 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter IV Paragraph IV.2 Subparagraph IV.2.B':

Title Issue Date filed Status
ILRF vs. Dole Violation freedom of association by Dole in the Philippines 12 October 2010 Rejected
Thai and Filipino labour unions vs Triumph International Labour rights at Triumph Thai & Philippine garment factories 3 December 2009 Concluded
Workers Assistance Center et al vs. Chongwon Fashion Inc Korean textile companies' labour abuses in the Philippines 3 September 2007 Rejected
CGTP et al vs. Grupo Altas Cumbres Banco del Trabajo's labour rights abuses in Peru 25 April 2007 Closed
FoE Netherlands vs. Nutreco Nutreco/Marine Harvest's salmon farming in Chile 22 August 2002 Concluded

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