Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter IV Paragraph IV.4 Subparagraph IV.4.A

Description Enterprises should observe standards of employment and industrial relations not less favourable than those observed by comparable employers in the host country.

3 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter IV Paragraph IV.4 Subparagraph IV.4.A':

Title Issue Date filed Status
H. Recalde and H.W. Jofre vs. Accor Service Accor Service’s bribes to retain business in Argentina 28 November 2007 Agreement
FoE US & RAID vs. OM Group Inc US companies & illegal resource exploitation in DRC 4 August 2004 Rejected
Unite et al vs. Brylane Inc. Brylane's anti-trade union practices in the US 8 October 2002 Withdrawn

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