Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter IV Paragraph IV.6

Description Enterprises should, in considering changes in their operations which would have major effects upon the livelihood of their employees, in particular in the case of the closure of an entity involving collective lay-offs or dismissals, provide reasonable notice of such changes to representatives of their employees, and, where appropriate, to the relevant governmental authorities, and co-operate with the employee representatives and appropriate governmental authorities so as to mitigate to the maximum extent practicable adverse effects. In light of the specific circumstances of each case, it would be appropriate if management were able to give such notice prior to the final decision being taken. Other means may also be employed to provide meaningful co-operation to mitigate the effects of such decisions.

6 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter IV Paragraph IV.6':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Former employees vs. Heineken Unlawful dismissals by Heineken’s subsidiary in eastern DRC 14 December 2015 Agreement
Sherpa et al vs Financière du champ de Mars Environmental and labour violations at SOCAPALM in Cameroon 7 December 2010 Concluded
Protest Toyota Campaign vs. Toyota Toyota's anti-trade union practices in the Philippines 4 March 2004 Blocked
CBE vs. National Grid Transco NGT's mining practices in Zambia 25 July 2003 Concluded
Germanwatch vs. Continental AG Continental AG's labour practices in Mexico 27 May 2002 Concluded
RAID vs. Binani Binani's corruption in mining industry Zambia 1 May 2001 Withdrawn

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