NCP: Danish Business Authority Erhvervsstyrelsen

Address Langelinie Allé 17 2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark
Structure and functioning The Danish NCP consists of a tripartite system existing of several ministries, the trade union and business representatives. The NCP is housed at the Ministry of Employment & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2 cases relating to 'Danish Business Authority Erhvervsstyrelsen':

Título Asunto Fecha archivada Estados
PWT Group's role in the Rana Plaza collapse PWT Group's role in Rana Plaza building collapse 12 December 2014 Concluido
Nepenthes vs Dalhoff, Larsen & Hornemann (DLH) La compra de DLH de madera illegal de zonas conflictivas 10 March 2006 Concluido

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