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Complainant: Unknown NGO

Type NGO

6 cases relating to 'Unknown NGO':

Title Issue Date filed Status
NGOs vs UK Defence Equipment Company Human impacts impacts by munitions supplied to Saudi Arabi 6 June 2016 Rejected
NGO vs. Company in the field of communication technologies Alleged human rights violations via communication technologi 20 March 2015 Rejected
UK NGO vs Luxembourg Information & Communication MNE HR violations Yemen via satellite services to US 13 January 2015 Rejected
Greenpeace vs. Jan De Nul NV operating in Russia Environmental impact relating to construction of harbour 10 September 2013 Concluded
NGO vs. Mining company operating in the DRC Mining in conflict-affected zones in the DRC 17 May 2005 Rejected
NGO vs. US MNE operating in Liberia Bribery issues in Liberia 5 November 2001 Rejected

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