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NCP: National Contact Point Germany

Address Berlin, Germany
Structure and functioning
The NCP in Germany is made of a single department with close inter-ministerial cooperation through an Interministerial Task Force. It also has a Working Group that comprises representatives of government together with trade unions, business and civil society. The NCP is housed at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

38 cases relating to 'National Contact Point Germany':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Germanwatch vs. Bayer Bayer's cotton seed production in India 11 October 2004 Concluded
CGB Network vs H.C. Starck H.C.Starck buying coltan from DRC supporting the conflict 2 October 2003 Rejected
Greenpeace Germany vs. West LB West LB financing of oil pipeline in Ecuador 15 May 2003 Rejected
Corner House et al vs. BP BTC oil pipeline in Azerbaijan, Georgia & Turkey 29 April 2003 Concluded
German NGO vs. German-owned multinational company Alleged environment violation in Russia 16 December 2002 Rejected
CCC vs. Adidas Labour rights violations in Indonesian supply chain 5 September 2002 Concluded
Germanwatch vs. Continental AG Continental AG's labour practices in Mexico 27 May 2002 Concluded
Greenpeace vs. TotalFinaElf TotalFinaElf’s oil supply from Russia 10 April 2002 Rejected

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