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Quechua indigenous group vs. Marriott International

Aperçu de la plainte

Date de soumission 14 December 2018
Statut actuel Rejected
Thème Destruction of Quechua cultural sites in Peru by Marriott
Résumé de la plainte An indigenous group in Peru has filed the first ever Quechua language complaint to the Peruvian NCP against Marriott International Inc. The complaint alleges that Marriott International Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide LLC has destroyed an ancient Inca temple, exhumed human remains from an attached cemetery, and conducted unauthorized excavations in an archaeological site in order to build a hotel of the Marriott family of hotels. The complainants request that Marriott withdraw from the hotel project and return all Incan artifacts removed during the construction. The complainants further ask for the reconstruction and restoration of the Inca site where the hotel is being built.

In 2016 before the complaint was filed, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture had already issued a stop order against the project, stating that it, “after inspecting the site multiple times, determined that the execution of civil works was causing serious harm to the archaeological site, which was registered as part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation and Humanity.”
Développements/Résultat On 18 February 2019, the Peruvian NCP admitted the complaint for consideration.

In October 2019 the Peruvian NCP issued an initial assessment rejecting the complaint on three primary grounds: lack of substantiation; existence of parallel proceedings, and failure to establish a link between the company and the impacts. The complainants feel the NCP concluded that the complainants could not claim on behalf of the Quechua people and that Marriott did not violate the Guidelines because the hotel never started operations. The complainants are deeply disappointed with the result because they feel:

a) The NCP has discriminated against them alleging that the Quechuas do not have a religious belief.

b) The NCP has imposed on the complainants an impossible requirement: to submit documentary proof that they have received a power of attorney from the eight million people who form the Quechua nation.

c) The NCP should have accepted the participation of the union Unite Here as co-complainant.

d) The NCP is non-neutral, as the hotel exploration began under an investment promotion agreement signed between Proinversion (the pro-investment agency that fulfills the role of the NCP) and the developer (Inmobiliaria R&G) in 2014. In addition, the head of the NCP is a former employee of the bank which financed the project (Banco de Credito del Peru). Moreover, the father of the NCP head is a real estate consultant that at the time of the proceedings spoke to the press in favour of this hotel.

Principes directeurs de l'OCDE concernés
Mots-clés concernant les plaintes

Données sur le PCN

Nom du PCN National Contact Point Peru
Coordonnées du PCN Lima, Peru
Site web du PCN
Autres PCN impliqués



Données sur l'entreprise

Entreprise responsable Marriott International Inc.
Coordonnées de l'entreprise
Site web de l'entreprise
Entreprise en violation Marriott International Inc.
Pays où se déroulent les opérations Pérou
Autre entreprises impliquées

Calendrier des dévelopements

Date Acteur Action Description Document
2 March 2020 Quechua people press release Complainants issue press release at complaint's rejection téléchargez le document pdf (198Kb)  
15 October 2019 National Contact Point Peru reject Peruvian NCP rejects complaint téléchargez le document pdf (11201Kb)  
7 October 2019 press release Article showing father of NCP head promoting hotel téléchargez le document pdf (364Kb)  
14 December 2018 Quechua people file Complaint filed at Peruvian NCP - Spanish téléchargez le document pdf (557Kb)  
14 December 2018 Quechua people file Complaint filed at Peruvian NCP - Quechua téléchargez le document pdf (568Kb)  
17 October 2018 Declaration of Interest showing link between NCP head and lender téléchargez le document pdf (66Kb)  
10 August 2016 statement Peruvian Ministry of Culture's stop order téléchargez le document pdf (2505Kb)  
19 June 2014 Mortgage agreement identifying the bank and construction site téléchargez le document pdf (1973Kb)  
16 May 2014 National Contact Point Peru Contract Proinversion and developer téléchargez le document pdf (368Kb)  

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