Country: Argentina

9 cases relating to 'Argentina':

Title Issue Date filed Status
ACIJ vs. BNP Paribas Breaching of general policies by BNP Paribas 4 July 2011 Concluded
CEDHA et al. vs Nidera HR abuses of workers at Nidera plantation in Argentina 24 June 2011 Agreement
FOCO et al vs Barrick Gold Environmental pollution at Barrick’s gold mines in Argentina 9 June 2011 Withdrawn
CEDHA vs. Xstrata Copper Xstrata's activities and impact on glaciers in Argentina 1 June 2011 Concluded
ACIJ vs. MAN Ferrostaal Argentina S.A. Breaching of general policies and bribery in Argentina 17 March 2011 Concluded
CIPCE vs. Skanska Corrupción y evasión fiscal de Skanska en Argentina 20 May 2009 cerrado
FOCO & Friends of the Earth Argentina vs. Shell Capsa Shell's environmental and health violations in Argentina 28 May 2008 Blocked
H. Recalde and H.W. Jofre vs. Accor Service Accor Service’s bribes to retain business in Argentina 28 November 2007 Agreement
CIPCE vs. Skanska Corruption in Skanska's gas pipeline project, Argentina 1 September 2007 Concluded

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