Country: Denmark

9 cases relating to 'Denmark':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Action Aid Denmark vs. Arla Foods Negative consequences of exporting subsidised milk 8 July 2014 Agreement
Danish NGO vs. Danish Company Pollution and selling hazardous products by Danish company 30 April 2014 Rejected
Complainant vs. Danish Company Patent violations in Denmark 5 February 2014 Rejected
Individual residing in the US vs. Danish shopkeeper Not correctly handling and insurance claim 22 January 2014 Rejected
Self-employed individual vs. NGO in Denmark Personal defamation in Denmark 1 April 2013 Rejected
Danish individual vs. housing corporation in Denmark Removing an individual from the housing waiting list 8 March 2013 Rejected
Danish individual vs. law firm operating in Denmark Liability for claims for damages of a Danish law firm 8 March 2013 Rejected
Danish individual vs. Medical practitioner in Denmark Activities of a medical practitioner operating in Denmark 24 December 2012 Rejected
Several individuals vs. Danish MNE operating in Georgia Bribery in Georgia 27 October 2011 Rejected

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