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Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter VI Paragraph VI.6

Description Enterprises should not make illegal contributions to candidates for public office or to political parties or to other political organisations. Contributions should fully comply with public disclosure requirements and should be reported to senior management.

4 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter VI Paragraph VI.6':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Former employees vs. Heineken Unlawful dismissals by Heineken’s subsidiary in eastern DRC 14 December 2015 Agreement
ACIJ vs. MAN Ferrostaal Argentina S.A. Breaching of general policies and bribery in Argentina 17 March 2011 Concluded
H. Recalde and H.W. Jofre vs. Accor Service Accor Service’s bribes to retain business in Argentina 28 November 2007 Agreement
Global Witness vs. Afrimex Afrimex’s mineral trading in the DRC 20 February 2007 Concluded

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