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Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter I Paragraph I.3

Description A precise definition of multinational enterprises is not required for the purposes of the Guidelines. These usually comprise companies or other entities established in more than one country and so linked that they may co-ordinate their operations in various ways. While one or more of these entities may be able to exercise a significant influence over the activities of others, their degree of autonomy within the enterprise may vary widely from one multinational enterprise to another. Ownership may be private, state or mixed. The Guidelines are addressed to all the entities within the multinational enterprise (parent companies and/or local entities). According to the actual distribution of responsibilities among them, the different entities are expected to co-operate and to assist one another to facilitate observance of the Guidelines.

2 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter I Paragraph I.3':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Sherpa et al vs Intercultures Environmental and labour violations at SOCAPALM in Cameroon 7 December 2010 Concluded
Colombian communities vs. BHP Billiton BHP Billiton and forced evictions at Colombian coal mine 26 June 2007 Concluded

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