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Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter II

Description General Policies

10 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter II':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Open Secrets & CALS vs. KBL Banks violating arms embargo during apartheid South Africa 24 April 2018 Rejected
ACIJ vs. BNP Paribas Breaching of general policies by BNP Paribas 4 July 2011 Concluded
CEDHA et al. vs Nidera HR abuses of workers at Nidera plantation in Argentina 24 June 2011 Agreement
FOCO et al vs Barrick Gold Environmental pollution at Barrick’s gold mines in Argentina 9 June 2011 Withdrawn
Saami Council vs. KfW IPEX-Bank German KfW IPEX-Bank’s financing of controversial wind farm 16 April 2010 Rejected
FREDEMI coalition vs Goldcorp Human rights issues at Goldcorp's gold mine in Guatemala 9 December 2009 Concluded
Framtiden i våre hender vs Intex Resources Intex Resources' environmental threat in the Philippines 26 January 2009 Concluded
Colombian communities vs. Xstrata BHP Billiton and forced evictions at Colombian coal mine 4 October 2007 Concluded
Nepenthes vs Dalhoff, Larsen & Hornemann (DLH) DLH’s purchasing of illegal timber from conflict zones 10 March 2006 Concluded
UN Panel of Experts vs, Speciality Metals Company Trading activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo 25 September 2003 Concluded

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