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FIAN and Wake Up and Fight for Your Rights vs NKG

Case overview

Date filed 15 June 2009
Current status Concluded
Issue Forced evictions at NKG coffee plantation in Uganda
Summary of the case
Developments/Outcome After conducting an initial assessment, the German NCP declared the case admissible in August 2009 and was successful in getting the parties together for a mediated discussion on 8 December 2010. The NCP also engaged other relevant government agencies and the German embassy in Kampala to provide input for the discussion.

On 30 March 2011, the NCP concluded the case and issued a final statement, in which it determined that the company was not in breach of the Guidelines. The NCP concluded that the company could not have known that the land it acquired was controversial. Furthermore, the NCP concluded that NKG had already taken measures to rectify the problems and praised the companys philanthropic activities. The NCP also called on the complainants to stop their “public attacks” on NKG.

The complainants felt the NCPs conclusion of the case was premature and not justified given that, in their view, a satisfactory resolution of the case had not been achieved. They also felt that the NCPs statement is biased toward the company, which they perceive to be a result of a potential conflict of interest due to the NCPs location. The complainants also rejected what they called the NCPs “attempts to stifle public criticism of the eviction and its consequences.”
Relevant OECD Guidelines
Case keywords Forced evictions and resettlement, Human rights, Parallel (legal) proceedings

NCP Information

NCP name National Contact Point Germany
NCP address Scharnhorststrasse 34-37 10115 Berlin, Germany
NCP website
Other NCPs involved



Company Information

Company responsible Neumann Kaffee Gruppe
Company address P.O. Box 11 06 29
20406 Hamburg
Company website
Company in violation Neumann Kaffee Gruppe
Country of operations Uganda
Other companies involved

Timeline of developments

Date Actor Action Description Document
21 April 2011 Foodfirst Information & Action Network press release Press release by FIAN on the closure of the case by the German NCP. download pdf (33Kb)  
30 March 2011 National Contact Point Germany statement The German NCP has closed the case. download pdf (13Kb)  
15 June 2009 Foodfirst Information & Action Network file Case filed at German NCP download pdf (1383Kb)  
16 April 2009 report Report written by Action Aid on the issue of food security among the evictees in Madudu download pdf (1501Kb)  
1 March 2004 Foodfirst Information & Action Network report Report investigating the case. download pdf (2055Kb)  
National Contact Point Germany accept The German NCP has accepted the case  

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