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Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter VI Paragraph VI.1

Description Enterprises should not offer, nor give in to demands, to pay public officials or the employees of business partners any portion of a contract payment. They should not use subcontracts, purchase orders or consulting agreements as means of channelling payments to public officials, to employees of business partners or to their relatives or business associates.

7 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter VI Paragraph VI.1':

Title Issue Date filed Status
UWUA & FWW vs. United Water Labor & environmental violations in the USA by United Water 8 June 2011 Concluded
ACIJ vs. MAN Ferrostaal Argentina S.A. Breaching of general policies and bribery in Argentina 17 March 2011 Concluded
H. Recalde and H.W. Jofre vs. Accor Service Accor Service’s bribes to retain business in Argentina 28 November 2007 Agreement
CIPCE vs. Skanska Corruption in Skanska's gas pipeline project, Argentina 1 September 2007 Concluded
Transparency International Germany vs. 57 German companies German companies’ involvement in UN Oil f. Food Scandal Iraq 5 June 2007 Rejected
RAID vs. Oryx UK companies & illegal resource exploitation in DRC 28 June 2004 Concluded
CBE vs. National Grid Transco NGT's mining practices in Zambia 25 July 2003 Concluded

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