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Title Issue Date filed Status
Union Hidalgo vs EDF Group EDF's violation of FPIC at wind energy park in Mexico 8 February 2018 Pending
Cameroon communities vs. Victoria Oil and Gas Victoria Oil and Gas impacts on communities in Cameroun 5 February 2018 Pending
Obelle Concern Citizens & FOCONE vs Shell Shell’s gas-fire eruption’s impacts to Obelle community 29 January 2018 Filed
TuK Indonesia vs. Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) RSPO's violation of Indonesian indigenous peoples rights 23 January 2018 Pending
Egbema Voice of Freedom et al vs ENI Eni's impacts on the Aggah Community in Nigeria 15 December 2017 Agreement
Hou Friesland mooi vs NUON Community concerns with construction of wind park by NUON 14 December 2017 Agreement
Alianza por la Solidaridad v. Grupo ACS-COBRA Environmental, FPIC abuses impact Q'eqchi indigenous 16 November 2017 Pending
Save Teghut Civic Initiative et al vs. EKF EKF harms from Teghut mine in Armenia 19 September 2017 Rejected
FIDH, JFI and Redress vs Italtel Adverse impact of Italtel business activities on HR in Iran 13 September 2017 Rejected
Former employee vs Banro Corporation Banro’s non-observance of Guidelines at the Twangiza Mine in 8 August 2017 Rejected
Fivas et. al vs Bresser Human rights impacts from moving Turkey's Zeynel Bey Tomb 28 July 2017 Concluded
Friends of the Earth Japan and WALHI vs. Marubeni Impacts from the Cirebon Coal Power Plant in Indonesia 23 May 2017 Pending
Friends of the Earth Japan and WALHI vs. JERA Impacts from the Cirebon Coal Power Plant in Indonesia 23 May 2017 Pending
Dutch NGOs vs. ING Bank ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change 8 May 2017 Agreement
Society for Threatened Peoples vs. Credit Suisse Risks associated with North Dakota Access Pipeline in USA 24 April 2017 Agreement
Southeast Alaskan Conservation Council vs Imperial Metals Imperial Metals mining operations in Canada 23 December 2016 Filed
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council vs Seabridge Gold Seabridge Gold's Mining Exploration in Canada 23 December 2016 Rejected
UK Lawyers for Israel vs. PwC PWC audits of Palestinian Authority fail to reveal PA's supp 15 December 2016 Pending
Australian Women Without Borders vs. Mercer PR Privacy violation of sexual assault victim 27 October 2016 Concluded
Jamaa Resource Initiatives et. al vs US Company Labor and health harms by US Subsidiary at Yala Swamp Kenya 18 October 2016 Concluded
ECDHR et al vs Boeing & Lockheed Martin Boeing & Lockheed Martin's products in Yemen 23 June 2016 Rejected
NGOs vs UK Defence Equipment Company Human impacts impacts by munitions supplied to Saudi Arabi 6 June 2016 Rejected
Trade Unions vs. Suzuki Motor Corporation Violations of trade union rights in Thailand 10 May 2016 Concluded
ECCHR et al vs. TÜV Rheinland AG Poor audit of Rana Plaza factory building structure and work 2 May 2016 Concluded
Survival International vs. Salini Impregilo Violation of indigenous people’s rights in Ethiopia & Kenya 14 March 2016 Concluded
Former employees vs Banro in the DRC Severance pay for ex-mining workers in DRC 26 February 2016 Concluded
Survival International vs. WWF Adverse impacts on indigenous people’s rights in Cameroon 10 February 2016 Withdrawn
ADHRB vs. FIFA FIFA's link to human rights violations in Bahrain 10 February 2016 Rejected
Bruno Manser Fund vs. Sakto Group Real estate company's breached disclosure requirements 2 January 2016 Rejected
Former employees vs. Heineken Unlawful dismissals by Heineken’s subsidiary in eastern DRC 14 December 2015 Agreement

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