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Issue: Statkraft's wind power plans breach Saami rights in Sweden

Developments/Outcome On 14 February 2013, the Swedish and Norwegian NCPs finalised their initial assessment and accepted the case with Norway taking the lead.

After the complaint was filed, the parties renewed their dialogue. The NCPs decided to defer the case to allow the parties to find a mutually acceptable solution.

In May 2013, an informal meeting between the parties was held with the Swedish NCP to discuss a set of proposals made by the Jijnjevaerie Saami village on how to mitigate the damage from the wind farm. After the dialogue failed to produce an agreement, the Norwegian NCP resumed its lead role in handling the case.

It hosted the first official meeting between the parties in November 2013 to discuss the terms of reference for mediation. The mediation facilitated by the NCP was concluded in June 2014 without resulting in a negotiated agreement between the parties.

The final statement from the NCPs was issued in February 2016. The NCPs did not find grounds for concluding that Statkraft has failed to comply with the OECD Guidelines, but provided recommendations for how Statkraft can work in a manner that even more clearly promotes
indigenous people’s rights and the implementation of the Guidelines.

1 cases relating to 'Statkraft's wind power plans breach Saami rights in Sweden':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Jijnjevaerie Saami village vs Statkraft Statkraft's wind power plans breach Saami rights in Sweden 29 October 2012 Concluded

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