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Guideline: Part 3 Chapter 1 Paragraph 6

Description Governments recommend that, in general, enterprises avoid efforts to secure exemptions not contemplated in the statutory or regulatory framework related to environmental, health, safety, labour, taxation and financial incentives among other issues, without infringing on an enterprise’s right to seek changes in the statutory or regulatory framework. The words “or accepting” also draw attention to the role of the state in offering these exemptions. While this sort of provision has been traditionally directed at governments, it is also of direct relevance to MNEs. Importantly, however, there are instances where specific exemptions from laws or other policies can be consistent with these laws for legitimate public policy reasons. The environment and competition policy chapters are examples.

1 cases relating to 'Part 3 Chapter 1 Paragraph 6':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Ms Z vs Carnival plc Health issues & discrimination on cruise ships in India 16 January 2012 Rejected

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