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Issue: Andritz’ contribution to severe impacts of dam in Laos

Description Austrian engineering giant Andritz supplies key operating technology to the Government of Laos for the Xayaburi dam.

The dam could have serious environmental and human rights impacts for hundreds of thousands of people in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is the first of 11 planned hydropower projects on the still undammed Lower Mekong River.

The Xayaburi dam is expected to impede fish migration, adversely affect Thai and Cambodian riverine fishing communities, and cause the extinction of species found only in the Mekong River such as the Mekong giant catfish.
The dam will also likely block the flow of nutrient-rich sediment to Vietnams ecologically fragile Mekong Delta, which supports a thriving rice farming industry.

Fishery and environmental experts have concluded that the Xayaburi dam and other mainstream Mekong dams risk driving many already-impoverished families along the river into poverty and malnutrition.

As the holder of a $300 million contract to supply custom-built parts that will power the dam, Andritz is considered to be contributing to the adverse impacts resulting from the project. The company also has significant leverage to improve the design of the project.

The complaint asks Andritz to conduct impact assessments and to work with the project developer and the Government of Laos to prevent and mitigate impacts, adopt policies to prevent harm in future projects, and help provide an effective remedy for populations affected by the Xayaburi dam.
Developments/Outcome The Austrian NCP completed its initial assessment on 22 May 2014 and accepted the case for further consideration. In March 2015, the parties met in Vienna to exchange information and decided to continue the process, which is still ongoing.

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