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Guideline: Version 2000 Chapter V Paragraph V.3

Description Enterprises should assess, and address in decision-making, the foreseeable environmental, health, and safety-related impacts associated with the processes, goods and services of the enterprise over their full life cycle. Where these proposed activities may have significant environmental, health, or safety impacts, and where they are subject to a decision of a competent authority, prepare an appropriate environmental impact assessment.

37 cases relating to 'Version 2000 Chapter V Paragraph V.3':

Title Issue Date filed Status
MAB and Terra de Direitos vs Votorantim Alcoa Alumínios et al hydroelectric dam in Brazil 6 June 2005 Blocked
11.11.11 et al vs. George Forrest International SA Belgian companies illegal resource exploitation in DRC 24 November 2004 Concluded
Proyecto Gato vs. Electricité de France Electricité de France involvement in Laos hydroelectric dam 24 November 2004 Concluded
FoE US & RAID vs. OM Group Inc US companies & illegal resource exploitation in DRC 4 August 2004 Rejected
NiZA et al. vs. CPH CPH & illegal resource exploitation in DRC 3 July 2003 Rejected
Greenpeace Germany vs. West LB West LB financing of oil pipeline in Ecuador 15 May 2003 Rejected
FoE Netherlands vs. Nutreco Nutreco/Marine Harvest's salmon farming in Chile 22 August 2002 Concluded

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