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Guideline: Chapter V

Description Emplpyment and Industrial Relations

10 cases relating to 'Chapter V':

Title Issue Date filed Status
ADIMED vs. Pharmakina S.A. Pharmakina human and labour rights harms in DRC civil war 16 May 2018 Rejected
ADIMED vs. ES-KO International Groupe Kilu (DRC) labour violations 5 May 2018
ADIMED vs. Groupe Kilu Groupe Kilu (DRC) labour violations 5 March 2018 Rejected
Cameroon communities vs. Victoria Oil and Gas Victoria Oil and Gas impacts on communities in Cameroun 5 February 2018 Pending
Obelle Concern Citizens & FOCONE vs Shell Shell’s gas-fire eruption’s impacts to Obelle community 29 January 2018 Concluded
Trade Unions vs. Suzuki Motor Corporation Violations of trade union rights in Thailand 10 May 2016 Concluded
Former employees vs Banro in the DRC Severance pay for ex-mining workers in DRC 26 February 2016 Concluded
FAT et al vs Chedraui Chedraui Commercial Group’s abuses of workers’ rights in US 12 November 2015 Concluded
PWT Group's role in the Rana Plaza collapse PWT Group's role in Rana Plaza building collapse 12 December 2014 Concluded
Russian Cit vs. German manufacturing MNE Alleged violation of employee rights in Russia 5 June 2013 Rejected

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