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Issue: ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change

Description Oxfam Novib, Greenpeace Netherlands, BankTrack and Friends of the Earth Netherlands filed a complaint against ING Bank for failing to sufficiently commit and contribute to the targets set in the international climate agreement concluded in Paris in 2015.

Although ING reports about its own, direct, greenhouse gas emissions, it does not report publically about its indirect, product emissions through companies and projects it finances worldwide cause and has not yet announced to do so in the near future. Moreover, the bank has not yet set its own targets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses resulting from its financial products. The complainants allege that ING thereby breaches disclosure, environment, and consumer interest provisions of the OECD Guidelines.

The NGOs hope that the NCP will encourage ING to fully comply with the OECD Guidelines and ask the bank to change its emission reduction targets for its loans and investments as well as its reporting practices in 2018 at the latest.
Developments/Outcome The complaint was filed with the Dutch NCP on 8 May 2017.

1 cases relating to 'ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Dutch NGOs vs. ING Bank ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change 8 May 2017 Agreement

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