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Guideline: Chapter II

Description General Policies

19 cases relating to 'Chapter II':

Title Issue Date filed Status
LSD et al. vs. Tosyali Holding Ltd Tosyali Holding coal plant threatens Senegalese fisher women 28 August 2020 Filed
Focus vs. Ascent Resources plc Ascent Resources fracking in Slovenia 12 November 2019 Filed
West Virginians for Sustainable Development v Rockwool Rockwool building mineral wool factory in West Virginia 21 October 2019 Pending
GLAN vs. San Leon Energy Oil exploration in disputed territory without prior consent 24 October 2018 Filed
ADIMED vs. ES-KO International Groupe Kilu (DRC) labour violations 5 May 2018
Open Secrets & CALS vs. KBC Group Banks violating arms embargo during apartheid South Africa 24 April 2018 Rejected
CCC et al. vs Adidas Labour rights violations at Adidas Indonesian supplier 14 March 2018 Concluded
ADIMED vs. Groupe Kilu Groupe Kilu (DRC) labour violations 5 March 2018 Rejected
Cameroon communities vs. Victoria Oil and Gas Victoria Oil and Gas impacts on communities in Cameroun 5 February 2018 Pending
Obelle Concern Citizens & FOCONE vs Shell Shell’s gas-fire eruption’s impacts to Obelle community 29 January 2018 Concluded
Alianza por la Solidaridad v. Grupo ACS-COBRA Environmental, FPIC abuses impact Q'eqchi indigenous 16 November 2017 Concluded
Southeast Alaskan Conservation Council vs Imperial Metals Imperial Metals mining operations in Canada 23 December 2016 Filed
Reprieve vs. British Telecommunications plc Facilitating US drone strikes in Yemen by BT Group 10 October 2014 Rejected
Individual vs.Audi AG Breach of General Policies by Audi AG in Germany 5 August 2014 Withdrawn
Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights vs. G4S HR impacts of G4S’s security services 27 November 2013 Concluded
Russian Cit vs. German manufacturing MNE Alleged violation of employee rights in Russia 5 June 2013 Rejected
SEW and Stroitel vs. Standard Chartered Bank Shell & 3 UK banks link with violations Sakhalin II complex 31 July 2012 Rejected
UN Panel of Experts vs. French MNE operating in DRC Transportation activities in the DRC 1 October 2003 Rejected
UN Panel of Experts vs. Israeli MNE operating in the DRC Mining activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo 1 October 2003 Concluded

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