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Guideline: Chapter III Paragraph 3 c

Description its performance in relation to these statements and codes;

5 cases relating to 'Chapter III Paragraph 3 c':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Global Witness vs. UK Export Finance UK Export Finance fails climate commitments, disclosures 16 March 2020 Pending
Dutch NGOs vs. ING Bank ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change 8 May 2017 Agreement
UK Lawyers for Israel vs. PwC PWC audits of Palestinian Authority fail to reveal PA's supp 15 December 2016 Concluded
Fivas vs. Norconsult Norconsult’s lack of due diligence in Malaysia 22 August 2014 Agreement
Canada Tibet Committee vs. China Gold Int. Resources Environmental, HR & disclosure issues China Gold Int. 29 January 2014 Concluded

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