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Proyecto Gato vs. Electricité de France

Case overview

Date filed 24 November 2004
Current status Concluded
Issue Electricité de France involvement in Laos hydroelectric dam
Summary of the case Electricité de France is the main shareholder in the Nam Theun 2 (hydroelectric power) project in Laos. Construction began in May 2005 but there are concerns about the negative social and environmental impacts of the project including adverse impacts on biodiversity. In addition, the project will have major impacts on the livelihoods of villagers who have not been adequately consulted.

Developments/Outcome In December 2004, the French NCP met with NGOs to discuss the issues raised and the complaint procedure. According to the complainants, EDF was preparing a response, which was due in mid-January 2005. The NCP said it would invite the NGOs and EDF to meet by the end of January, at which time the parties will explain their positions.The complaint was accepted on February 14, 2005.

In April 2005, the French NCP issued a statement that no breaches of the OECD Guidelines could be attributed to EDF and that the company had even made commitments going beyond the Guidelines. The NGOs sent a letter of complaint about the French NCP’s conduct to the OECD’s Investment Committee as the NCP had never shared with the complainants the documentation it had obtained from other institutions, had issued its statement without adequately consulting the complainants, and had not facilitated any dialogue between the complainants and the company. They also asked the French NCP to reopen the case. This request was declined.
Relevant OECD Guidelines
Case keywords Forced evictions and resettlement, Human rights, Anti-competitive practices, Environment, Energy sector, Disclosure of information

NCP Information

NCP name National Contact Point France
NCP address Rue de Bercy 139 75572 Paris, Cedex 12, France
NCP website
Other NCPs involved



Company Information

Company responsible Electricité de France
Company address Avenue de Wagram 22-30
75382 Parijs
Company website
Company in violation Nam Theun 2 Power Company
Country of operations Lao People's Democratic Republic
Other companies involved

Timeline of developments

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Date Actor Action Description Document
1 November 2007 International Rivers Network report Second report on the Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project download pdf (307Kb)  
1 March 2005 National Contact Point France statement NCP issues a statement with recommendations to EDF. download pdf (28Kb)  
25 November 2004 Proyecto Gato press release Press release on the filing of the complaint download pdf (63Kb)  
24 November 2004 Proyecto Gato file Complaint filed with French NCP. download pdf (108Kb)  
1 September 2004 International Rivers Network report Report on the THE NAM THEUN 2 HYDROPOWER PROJECT. download pdf (348Kb)  

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