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AES employment practices & racial discrimination in Cameroon

ANZ Bank's facilitation of destructive forestry in PNG

ANZ’s role in displacing & dispossessing Cambodian families

Abuse of migrant Chinese workers at Panasonic plant in Singa

Accor Service’s bribes to retain business in Argentina

Activities of Kakanda Development Corporation in the DRC

Activities of a medical practitioner operating in Denmark

Adverse impact of Italtel business activities on HR in Iran

Adverse impacts of Van Oord’s dredging operations in Brazil

Adverse impacts on indigenous people’s rights in Cameroon

Afrimex’s mineral trading in the DRC

Aker Kværner's involvement in Guantánamo Bay prisons

Alcoa Alumínios et al hydroelectric dam in Brazil

Alleged environment violation in Russia

Alleged human rights violations in Indonesia

Alleged human rights violations via communication technologi

Alleged issues related to the activities of Shell Plc. in US

Alleged violation of employee rights in Brazil

Alleged violation of employee rights in Russia

Alleged wrongful dismissal of employee in Brazil

Allowing advertising of products likely used contrary to law

Andritz’ contribution to severe impacts of dam in Laos

Anglo American mining activities in Zambia

Anti-union measures by Electrolux in Thailand

Anti-union measures by Mölnlycke in Thailand

Anvil Mining's role in massacre in Congo

Ascendant’s Junín mine in Ecuador’s cloud forest

Audit company wrongfully certifying garment factory Pakistan

BHP Billiton and forced evictions at Colombian coal mine

BTC oil pipeline in Azerbaijan, Georgia & Turkey

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