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Human impacts impacts by munitions supplied to Saudi Arabi

Human rights impacts from moving Turkey's Zeynel Bey Tomb

Human rights issues at Goldcorp's gold mine in Guatemala

Human rights violations at GCM's coalmine in Bangladesh

Human rights violations at Barrick’s Porgera JV Mine in PNG

Human rights violations at CMSK mine in the DRC

Human rights violations at UCM's Wishbone Hill coal mine

Human rights violations by mining agents. Amadiba, S. Africa

Human rights violations of Kinross Gold Corp. in Brazil

ING bank violation of OECD Guidelines on climate change

ING palm financing contributes to violations

Illegal eviction of villagers by ASR in Cambodia

Impacts from the Cirebon Coal Power Plant in Indonesia

Imperial Metals mining operations in Canada

Insurance after 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in New Zealand

Intex Resources' environmental threat in the Philippines

Intimidation and bribing issues in Cameroon

Japanese banks fund coal-fired power in Vietnam

Korean textile companies' labour abuses in the Philippines

Labor & environmental violations in the USA by United Water

Labor and health harms by US Subsidiary at Yala Swamp Kenya

Labour rights at Triumph Thai & Philippine garment factories

Labour rights violations at Adidas Indonesian supplier

Labour rights violations in Indonesian supply chain

Labour rights violations in supply chain of Czech reseller

Labour violations in Indian football production

Liability for claims for damages of a Danish law firm

Makro’s human rights and environment violations in Pakistan

Mining activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mining in conflict-affected zones in the DRC

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