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Restricted water supply close to ENRC mine in DRC

Risks associated with North Dakota Access Pipeline in USA

Sahrawi right to self-determination issue in Western Sahara

Seabridge Gold's Mining Exploration in Canada

Severance pay for ex-mining workers in DRC

Severe impacts of Nykomb’s planned coal-fired power plant

Shell & 3 UK banks link with violations Sakhalin II complex

Shell and Exxon's chemical storage & health impact in Brazil

Shell's environmental and health violations in Argentina

Shell's violation of guidelines in Aminigboko Community

Shell-led consortium's gas pipeline project in Ireland

Shell’s Pandacan oil depot in the Philippines

Shell’s gas-fire eruption’s impacts to Obelle community

Sjovik’s breaches of human rights in Western Sahara

Statkraft's wind power plans breach Saami rights in Sweden

Sugar industry MSI fails to address Cambodian land grabs

Tax Evasion by Glencore and First Quantum Mining in Zambia

Tax avoidance and disclosure violations by Alliance Boots

TotalFinaElf’s oil supply from Russia

Toyota's anti-trade union practices in the Philippines

Tractebel’s Houay Ho dam in Laos

Trading activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Transportation activities in the DRC

UK companies & illegal resource exploitation in DRC

US companies & illegal resource exploitation in DRC

Unlawful dismissals by Heineken’s subsidiary in eastern DRC

Victoria Oil and Gas impacts on communities in Cameroun

Violation freedom of association by Dole in the Philippines

Violation of indigenous people’s rights in Ethiopia & Kenya

Violation of labour rights in Brazilian coffee farms

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