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FIFA's link to human rights violations in Bahrain

Facilitating US drone strikes in Yemen by BT Group

First Quantum & illegal resource exploitation in DRC

First Quantum and forced evictions in Zambia

Forced evictions at NKG coffee plantation in Uganda

G-Star's Indian supplier's labour rights abuses

G4S’s contribution to human rights abuses at Guantánamo Bay

G4S’s contribution to human rights abuses of asylum seekers

GSL management of detention centres in Australia

Gamma & Trovicor export surveillance technology to Bahrain

German KfW IPEX-Bank’s financing of controversial wind farm

German companies’ involvement in UN Oil f. Food Scandal Iraq

German company's responsibility for Bangladesh factory fire

Gold mining, pollution, rights violations in Ghana

Groupe Kilu (DRC) labour violations

H.C.Starck buying coltan from DRC supporting the conflict

HPG's human rights impact in Bahrain

HR abuses at Mirador mining project in the Ecuadorian Amazon

HR abuses of workers at Nidera plantation in Argentina

HR impacts of G4S’s security services

HR violations Yemen via satellite services to US

HR violations at ITOCHU & J-Power's power plant in Indonesia

HR violations facilitated by 6 UK telecom companies

HR violations in Bahrain enabled by tear gas supplier Condor

Harming activities of General Motors do Brasil

Hazardous conditions in NCA refugee camps in Kosovo

Health issues & discrimination on cruise ships in India

Health risks related to leaded gasoline

Holcim’s complicity in HR abuses and conflict in Indonesia

Human Rights and Environmental violations by Shell Nigeria

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