Issue: Adverse impacts on indigenous people’s rights in Cameroon

Description In February 2016, Survival International filed a complaint with the Swiss NCP regarding the activities of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Cameroon. The complaint alleges WWFs involvement in violent abuse and land theft against Baka “Pygmies” in Cameroon, carried out by anti-poaching squads that are partly funded and equipped.

The complainant alleges that before beginning its work in Cameroon, WWF failed to consider what impact its involvement would have on the Baka and as a result has contributed to human rights violations. Survival International claims that WWF supports conservation zones on Baka land, to which the Baka are denied access, as well as the anti-poaching squads that have violently abused Baka men and women, and other rainforest tribes, for well over a decade. Survival International argues these actions are a violation of the human rights and due diligence provisions of the OECD Guidelines and WWFs own policy on indigenous peoples.

This complaint is unique as it one of the few OECD Guidelines cases against an NGO, and the first ever filed by an NGO against an NGO.
Developments/Outcome The complainants are awaiting the initial assessment by the Swiss NCP.

1 cases relating to 'Adverse impacts on indigenous people’s rights in Cameroon':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Survival International vs. WWF Adverse impacts on indigenous people’s rights in Cameroon 10 February 2016 Withdrawn

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