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Complainant: Individual Complainant

Type NGO

7 cases relating to 'Individual Complainant':

Title Issue Date filed Status
Flinto vs. ENI Alleged wrongful dismissal of employee in Brazil 17 June 2015 Rejected
Individual vs.Audi AG Breach of General Policies by Audi AG in Germany 5 August 2014 Withdrawn
Individual complainant vs. Danish subsidiary in Israel Providing products and services to Isreali prison system 6 December 2013 Rejected
Individual vs. MNE operating in India Bribery allegations in India 7 March 2013 Rejected
Individual vs. German manufacturing MNE in Indonesia Alleged human rights violations in Indonesia 17 September 2012 Concluded
Individual vs. MNE operating in Spain Preferential stocks in Spain 11 July 2012 Rejected
Individual vs. Financial Institution operating in Spain Preferential stocks in Spain 10 July 2012 Rejected

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