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Labour violations in Indian football production

Liability for claims for damages of a Danish law firm

Makro’s human rights and environment violations in Pakistan

Mining activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mining in conflict-affected zones in the DRC

Misleading disclosure by Shell on oil spills in Nigeria

Mismanagement of community fund by ArcelorMittal Liberia

Multiple violations in construction MICHELIN plant in India

Mylan’s export of drugs used for death penalty in the US

NGT's mining practices in Zambia

Negative consequences of exporting subsidised milk

Non-payment of severance for former Unilever workers in DRC

Norconsult’s lack of due diligence in Malaysia

Not correctly handling and insurance claim

Nutreco/Marine Harvest's salmon farming in Chile

Oil exploration by SOCO in Virunga National Park DRC

Oil exploration in disputed territory without prior consent

Oversea gas mining land facilities in Israel

POSCO's violations in palm plantation in Papua

POSCO’s involvement in HR and environmental impact in India

PWC audits of Palestinian Authority fail to reveal PA's supp

PWT Group's role in Rana Plaza building collapse

PZU activites in financial sector in Warsaw

Patent violations in Denmark

Perenco's extractive activities in Kebili, Tunisia

Personal defamation in Denmark

Personal injury in the manufacturing sector in Hungary

Pharmakina human and labour rights harms in DRC civil war

Pluspetrol's oil contamination in Peruvian Amzon

Pollution and selling hazardous products by Danish company

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