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Negative consequences of exporting subsidised milk

Non-payment of severance for former Unilever workers in DRC

Norconsult’s lack of due diligence in Malaysia

Not correctly handling and insurance claim

Nutreco/Marine Harvest's salmon farming in Chile

Oil exploration by SOCO in Virunga National Park DRC

Oil exploration in disputed territory without prior consent

Oversea gas mining land facilities in Israel

POSCO’s involvement in HR and environmental impact in India

PWT Group's role in Rana Plaza building collapse

Patent violations in Denmark

Personal defamation in Denmark

Personal injury in the manufacturing sector in Hungary

Pollution and selling hazardous products by Danish company

Pollution at metallurgical complex in La Oroya, Peru

Poor audit of Rana Plaza factory building structure and work

Preferential stocks in Spain

Providing products and services to Isreali prison system

Pöyry Group's controversial advice on Xayaburi Dam in Laos

RSPO's violation of Indonesian indigenous peoples rights

Ratiopharm's unethical marketing in Germany, Belgium et al

Real estate company's breached disclosure requirements

Relation Statoil’s oil sands production and climate change

Removing an individual from the housing waiting list

Restricted water supply close to ENRC mine in DRC

Risks associated with North Dakota Access Pipeline in USA

Sahrawi right to self-determination issue in Western Sahara

Seabridge Gold's Mining Exploration in Canada

Severance pay for ex-mining workers in DRC

Severe impacts of Nykomb’s planned coal-fired power plant

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